Purpose-driven innovation in a time of COVID-19

As we seek to make sense of the pandemic, many are pinning their hopes on an “entrepreneurial state” to champion innovation to solve the crisis. But it is one thing for governments to announce big investment plans, it is quite something else to convert them into innovations that will tackle the virus and rebuild the economy. In our haste for answers, how do we avoid the trap of short-term solutionism?

Fast is not a direction

· Illustration from Public financing of innovation: New questions Mazzucato, M and Semieniuk, G

The mission portfolio

Will the real superhero be in a startup?

Why tech won’t save us

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

More haste, less speed

Head of Mission Oriented Innovation Network at UCL IIPP. Former Director of Innovation at the RSA, on Medium just me.

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